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In our contemporary societies, art never had as much vitality: one can speak of a true sociological phenomenon, probably related to a desire to surpass the individual and collective self - a “symbolic surplus”. In France, since 2000, major exhibitions, either about the Old Masters or modernity and those regarding faraway cultures, attract an ever growing audience; new institutions are emerging; foundations are created; collections are built up; writers of talent take again art as principal theme of their fictions; several artists generations, of aesthetic and other genres of art, coming from France or elsewhere, arrive here to exhibit; increasingly many of them enjoy international recognition. After decades of relative quiet, Paris seems to become again a hub of art.
However what about "the Work" as such? What are its criteria? Its issues? How to distinguish between the superficial and the profound, the ephemeral and the lasting? How to contribute to art history that keeps evolving? Are there values that transcend boundaries and affiliations, the past and the present? Under which circumstances does a singularity turn to universal - absolute?

The Art Absolument magazine was founded in 2002 by Pascal Amel, author, and Teddy Tibi, entrepeneur and art lover. The Subjectile art company, founded by them and Charles-Henri and Marie Filippi in February 2009, innovates in art through different actions the principal being the edition of the magazine Art Absolument, the production of artists' monographs and prints, as well as the organisation of exhibitions at L'Espace Art Absolument.

Authoritative publication for the knowledge of fine arts, the magazine Art Absolument was founded with the intent of fully expressing the “aesthetic shock” felt in the artistic heritage of different civilisation as well as the powerful links between art of the past and contemporary creation. Within its pages, the bet of showing diversity in artists (in France and worldwide) has played a role in the appreciation—or discovery—of artworks often lessened by the zeitgeist, while art history is being lengthily written through the shifting of cultures and people. 
Broadening the meaning of this contribution, Art Absolument magazine favours a transversal approach, in which fine arts and their knowledge are a source of emotion and beauty, and shine light on cultural and social dynamics. The value in art—our capacity of building a conceptual world— holds on its being understood. Artworks incite a focus of our attention, expanding the bearing of its experience. They are also understood in a wider context; are increased by every gaze that land on them, and become part of a vast knowledge network. Art Absolument magazine gives priority to the artists’ voices, when critics’ statements, collectors programmes, and viewpoints from the art world actors (curators, dealers, historians, …) express their visions of the art practice, but also the debates it undergoes and the mechanisms of its market. 
In 2017, the magazine’s stance was expanded to a new, clearer graphic and editorial formula: it is now to Discover, Collect, and Debate that the readers are invited to in the magazine’s table of content, while a deep thematic study anchors the reasoning within long-term and plural points of view. At the same time, the Espace Art Absolument opened in Paris; exhibition center, art dealership, meeting point and fine art bookshop, it was imagined together with the artists. 

Revue bimestrielle
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